client testimonials

individual coaching / personal development

« I feel I am actually working to my potential for the first time in my life. Crazy to hear this!»

Anna, newly appointed as Managing Director of a Start Up (20 people).

« You excel in your mission ; it really makes you find your own way.»

Marie-Laure, entrepreneur, looking for herself.

« Marc, both present and discreet. »

Véronique, an engineer, who has managed to put words on her life plan.

« This coaching gradually helped me ask the right questions, to find and integrate the answers. I get a positive energy that I can share. It was subtle and extremely effective. What I envisioned was realized. Here we are! The results are visible. I am very happy with this coaching. »

Pierre, Actuarial Director (deals with € 100bn), and Cristiano, his manager, Financial Director – International Company: workforce of 74,000 people, 72 million customers, result of  € 2 m.

« Thank you for all you have shared with us, for your immense wisdom and for your outstanding expertise.»

Alvyne, entrepreneur, has found her vital energy.

« In one year, I changed my professional life.»

Olivier, a former consultant in management, and now a licensed asset manager who successfully runs his own business.

« Beyond the usual introspection, you propose methods to apprehend the changes to bring them to term; it really makes a difference. »

Patrick, reflecting on his career plans.

« I had great pleasure working with Marc on the development of my leadership skills, in a context of profound transformation of the company, as much in its strategic orientations, and activities as its management. This work allowed me to deepen my own knowledge and that of my professional partners, with a depth of understanding situations that Marc brought me thanks to his delicacy and his relevance. In the end, a gentle transformation of myself – conducted with benevolence and naturalness, with seriousness but without gravity – which helps me better lead the transformation of my company today. It was also for me a beautiful human encounter. Marc is a friend who wants you to be well. He carries with him this important value of leadership in the professional world threatened by digital sanitation: real listening and presence to others and to the world. »

Dan, number 2 of a company  with €800 m sales and 900 people.

« The objectives of this coaching were multiple: to develop my ability to take a step back to find serenity in moments of great pressure, to strengthen my ability to interact with my peers and senior managers and my clients. In short, to go from “very good manager” to “leader”. Thanks to my collaboration with Marc, I understood my natural modes of interaction with others and thus, learned to detect when and how to act. A real success that allowed me to find my place in the Executive Committee, and to give space to my management team so that they can continue to progress. My success is also underscored by my relatives, who keep saying that this coaching has changed my life and therefore theirs !! Thank you Marc! »

David, Director in charge of a 1,500 FTE entity, newly appointed as an Executive Committee member of one of the Group’s two divisions (€ 1bn turnover, 12,500 people).

team coaching & training

« With Marc Beretta’s help, I was able to transform a team that was initially divided, uncooperative and full of discord to an empowered team working cooperatively and constructively together.  The two day seminar with Marc provided me a foundation upon which I rely daily in order to more effectively manage relationships within my Executive Committee, and between my Executive Committee and our external partners. »

Laurence, CEO of an entity in a leading Group (€ 24 billion sales, 251,000 employees).

« Marc and Caroline opened up the minds of the whole team and made us re-think the way we work together. They did so in a very gentle and relevant manner. None of us expected to have such deep and eye-opening conversations during the training, which was focused on strengthening our active listening skills. Many thanks for this enriching experience!” »

David, Human Resources Director of an entity (45,000 employees) of a leading International Group (348,000 employees, sales of € 83 billion).

« Absolutely brilliant », « incredible day », « concrete, clear », « Marc adapts in real time to the audience », « top notch, an extraordinary experience », « proven expertise », « very good live class », « perfect rhythm and a few touches of humor », « this course is a good one; it teaches us to know ourselves better, to listen better to others, to adapt our own style of leadership  on different types of people. »

Magali, Denis, Vincent, Karim and others, “Leadership in the Digital Age” course for Executives at HEC Paris – Score of 19.4 / 20 awarded by the 37 participants

organizational coaching & strategy

« A lot of positive things resulted for each working group; I did not expect that this work would be that successful. »

Mathieu, General Manager of an International company, world leader in its field.

« We wanted to work on improving internal function and re-orienting the [Department] organization. Conducted with great professionalism and a lot of involvement, the coaching by Inis alga and the climate of confidence that the coaches quickly created allowed the participants to propose optimization opportunities, and develop a shared vision thereby facilitating everyone’s commitment to the team’s new mission. »

Stéphane, Director, in charge of a Department of a leading International Company (192,000 employees, 7 billion euros net profit)


Inis alga means “noble island” in Celtic:

It represents the best version of oneself, a destination yet undiscovered.

Let us guide you to your Inis Alga!

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