Discovering the best version of yourself
Empowering People, Teams, and Organizations
Co-creating a more humane, meaningful, and efficient work environment.

Discovering the best version of yourself

Empowering People, Teams, and Organizations

Co-creating a more humane, meaningful, and efficient work environment.

who we serve

Individuals / Teams / Organizations
All entities naturally desire to improve, satisfy, and find balance in life.

Individual/Manager/CEO – You contend with enormous pressure, face new challenges, or wonder about your next steps, personally and professionally

Executive Committee or Team – You demonstrate active collaboration and harness collective intelligence with a shared vision

Company or Institution – You manage a dynamic business model, re-inventing and shaping strategy to remain sustainable, effective, and relevant.

main clients include

who we are

An international cadre of certified analytical and creative professionals based in 6 countries.

We embody diversity while sharing a common set of professional values and ethics.

We stand ready to actively listen to your specific needs, coach you and/or your team anywhere in the world.

We are excited to facilitate your transformation in the rational, emotional and behavioral dimensions

what we offer

Inis Alga proffers customized professional coaching to guide you on a journey of improvement and empowerment

Customized professional coaching not only improves self-awareness but also serves as a catalyst for sustainable transformation, on an individual, team, or organizational level

Inis Alga can guide you on this journey-improving performance and morale, ushering in change, or en route to a new goal.

What is coaching?


  • Coaching is “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential” (ICF)
  • It is a means to explore concerns, opportunities, goals, challenges, a focused, finite experience with a beginning, middle, and end, an active, dynamic reciprocal process
  • A regulated profession with multiple, demanding certifications, underpinned by core competencies, and a code of ethics.





What does Professional Coaching bring to a Work Environment?

  • Today’s work environment is filled with technology and a hectic pace; it is both exciting and anxiety-producing;
  • Coaching helps people take a step back, gain perspective, verbalize vulnerabilities, discover for themselves new thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, emotions, moods, address feelings of isolation or executive loneliness, question modes of operation, create heightened awareness -behavior, emotions, and frame of reference- and change, cultivate the ability to envision new options
  • Coaching strengthens ability to take action “right now” and achieve what is important to individuals, teams or organizations.

Why Inis alga Personalized Services?

  • Individual Coaching: leading in the digital age, managing your energy and perspective, dealing with complexity, stress, emotions, work/life imbalance, career aspiration
  • Team Coaching: building or mobilizing a team around a shared vision, developing solutions cooperatively, forging team strength and growth
  • Organizational Coaching: promoting collective intelligence and agility, transforming the mindset, managing change, setting a new course, revamping perspective, invigorating staff, designing new strategy.



client testimonials

Organizations, you promote collective intelligence, you want to transform the company’s culture or design a new strategy

Teams, you feel it’s time to mobilize around a shared vision, develop collaborative solutions, or understand the positive impact of cohesion

Individuals, you would like to be more aligned with yourself, to manage your energy or your emotions better, improve your leadership skills

« With Marc Beretta’s help, I was able to transform a team that was initially divided, uncooperative and full of discord to an empowered team working cooperatively and constructively together. The two day seminar with Marc provided me a foundation upon which I rely daily in order to more effectively manage relationships within my Executive Committee, and between my Executive Committee and our external partners. »

Laurence, CEO of an entity in a leading Group (€ 24 billion sales, 251,000 employees).

« The objectives of this coaching were multiple: to develop my ability to take a step back to find serenity in moments of great pressure, to strengthen my ability to interact with my peers and senior managers and my clients. In short, to go from “very good manager” to “leader”. Thanks to my collaboration with Marc, I understood my natural modes of interaction with others and thus, learned to detect when and how to act. A real success that allowed me to find my place in the Executive Committee, and to give space to my management team so that they can continue to progress. My success is also underscored by my relatives, who keep saying that this coaching has changed my life and therefore theirs !! Thank you Marc! »

David F, Director in charge of a 1,500 FTE entity, newly appointed as an Executive Committee member of one of the Group’s two divisions (€ 1bn turnover, 12,500 people).

« Marc and Caroline opened up the minds of the whole team and made us re-think the way we work together. They did so in a very gentle and relevant manner. None of us expected to have such deep and eye-opening conversations during the training, which was focused on strengthening our active listening skills. Many thanks for this enriching experience! »

David, Human Resources Director of an entity (45,000 employees) of a leading International Group (348,000 employees, sales of € 83 billion).


We resoundingly believe that excellent coaching is reflected in a completed job, with the outcome of client autonomy.

A strict ethical framework

  • Inis Alga is built upon the foundation of rigorous International Coaching Federation core competencies: integrity, excellence, collaboration, and respect
  • We recognize the importance and value in embodying the principles that guide our work; we must live what we teach
  • We partner with clients in a shared quest for excellence; your success is our goal.



An atypical state of mind

  • Growth of our business is not an objective in and of itself; it is the consequence of a high level of satisfaction of our clients
  • Coaching is emotionally engaging; it requires the Coach to exemplify discipline, introspection, well-being, patience, and perspective
  • We firmly believe that YOU know what is best for you, that humility is necessary for openness, adversity is a good teacher, and humor is an essential tool.

A united team

  • Our worldwide coaching staff is united around shared values and a common mission: to empower people, teams and organizations
  • We abide by the fact that we can do together what we are unable to do alone
  • We know how to say, “No” when we do not know how to accomplish something, and we respect allocated budgets

publications & media

By sharing with you our expertise, we contribute, in our own way, to a more open, more lucid world.


The world is sick!

The peace process in Northern Ireland

Leadership in a digital age


Inis alga means “noble island” in Celtic:

It represents the best version of oneself, a destination yet undiscovered.

Let us guide you to your Inis Alga!

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